Let's Connect


You’ve decided to study in Ontario. You’ve been accepted to a college or university. You’ve obtained your study permit. You’ve arranged for housing. You’ve booked your flight. You’ve arrived.

Now what?

Your school’s international student centre or office will introduce you to student services and life on campus. But International Student Connect can help you learn more about the place you have chosen to call home. ISC offers resources and Let’s Connect Sessions to enhance your student and living experience.

At Let’s Connect Sessions, you’ll learn about many topics from housing, finance, and employment to shopping, dining, and recreation - all the things that make your new community a great place to live. In one-on-one sessions with settlement workers, you’ll be able to ask questions about your unique situation.

At Let’s Connect Sessions you may meet students who share your background and get to know others from around the world - a true introduction to the multiculturalism that is the foundation of Ontario and Canadian society.

ISC also offers the following resources:

  • Ontario International Student Guide
  • International Student Connect Fact Sheets
  • Let’s Connect Live Sessions
  • ISC Live and Recorded Webinars