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COSTI is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients, donors, volunteers, employees, and other stakeholders. We value the trust of those we deal with and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that we be transparent and accountable in how we treat the information that you choose to share with us.

During the course of our various projects and activities, we frequently gather and use personal information. Anyone from whom we collect such information should expect that it will be carefully protected.

Personal information is any information that can be used to distinguish, or identify a specific individual. This information can include an individual's place of birth, languages spoken, and their résumé. Business contact information and certain publicly available information, such as name, title/position, company, address, email and fax is not considered personal information.

"Cookies" - Statistics

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a website to the hard drive of your computer so that the website may identify separate visitors to the site and track users' activities on the website. A cookie will not let a website know any personally identifiable information about you, such as your real name and address.

COSTI uses cookies only to keep track of how many people visit this website and where they go on the site. Your individual movement cannot be tracked while on the site. Our only interest here is to be able to improve the quality of the site by identifying which parts of the site are not being utilized.

Services and links on our Website

Our website enables you to communicate with us.

Because COSTI wants your website experience to be informational and resourceful, our website also provides a number of links to third party sites.

COSTI assumes no responsibility for the information practices of sites you are able to access through our site. We encourage visitors to review each site's privacy policy before disclosing any information that is personally identifiable.

Collecting, Using, and Disclosing Personal Information only for Purposes Identified by You

COSTI collects personal data you volunteer online, when you donate, make use of, or register for our programs and services, in order to better meet your service, information, and donor needs.

We also use and disclose data, which does not identify individuals, for statistical purposes to develop and enhance COSTI's programs and services.

We may also collect personal information in order to satisfy legal, government and regulatory obligations.

If you supply us with your personal contact information, you may hear from us about important information concerning the COSTI program or service in which you are registered. You may also hear from us about other COSTI programs and services that may interest and benefit you.

If you do not wish to hear about other COSTI programs, services or opportunities, please contact COSTI at

COSTI has various Special Events and fundraising campaigns to build awareness and raise funds for COSTI. Some of these events/campaigns require the gathering of personal information, and we will inform you of the purpose for which the information is being requested. We use this information only for purposes related to this event and/or other fundraising campaigns, and destroy it as soon as it is no longer required.

COSTI collects personal information for processing and receipting your donation. We also, with your consent, recognize you publicly for your donation. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please communicate this desire when making your donation.

Your consent may be expressed in writing or be implied, and you may give it to us verbally or electronically. You may withdraw your permission to collect, use and disclose your personal information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and reasonable notice.

Sharing and Accessing Your Personal Information

We do not sell personal information that we collect.

We will not disclose your personal information to anyone else without your prior knowledge or consent, except when required by a government body or agency, or as permitted by law.

You may ask where we hold any personal information about you, ensure that it is accurate, and to see that information, as provided by law. You also have the right to know how we collected your personal information and how we are using it.

Children's Privacy

For children under 18 years of age, we will obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian to collect and use personally identifiable information about a child.


COSTI personnel are authorized to access personal information based only on their need to deal with the information for the reason(s) for which it was obtained. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the information is not disclosed or shared more widely than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was gathered. We also take measures to ensure the integrity of this information is maintained.

  • COSTI maintains physical, electronic and administrative safeguards that are appropriate to the type of personal information we obtain from you.
  • COSTI staff and volunteers whose duties require them to have access to personal data are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and handle it responsibly.

Updating Personal Information

If you are aware of any inaccuracy or changes in the personal information which we hold about you, please contact We will make the necessary changes.

Privacy Questions

COSTI regularly reviews its policies and procedures to ensure we remain current with changing laws and evolving public expectations.

If you have an inquiry about COSTI's privacy practices, please contact COSTI's Privacy Officer at 416.658.1600 or by email at

Registering a Complaint

If you have a privacy-related complaint or concern about COSTI's information handling practices, we encourage you to contact COSTI's Privacy Officer at 416.658.1600 or by email at You will be asked to provide the following information in writing:

  • your name, address or fax number where you prefer to be reached;
  • nature of your complaint, relevant details, and what you would like us to do; and
  • name of the COSTI staff member with whom you have already discussed the issue.

COSTI will investigate and take appropriate steps in resolving your concern.